Leah Faithe Renaud

Leah Faithe Renaud.jpg

I discovered I was bisexual in the eighth grade. During my sophomore year, I came out to myself and to other trusted friends.

I… admittedly hated LGBTQ+ Christians… because I hated myself. I was so angry and felt helpless. It was so tiring to keep hating, too. I thought the fact that LGBTQ+ Christians "choose" to be that way was so rebellious and sinful, until I did a little soul searching...

Over time, especially after I started coming out to myself and to others, I slowly transitioned from one side to the other. I went from the Dark Side to the Light Side, if you will. I was very conflicted at first. I constantly thought I was still going to hell, I thought I was damned; I grew very, very angry when my church drove me out, and it put a huge wedge between the me and the Lord.

I've sought resources and searched everywhere, but the first "instrument" (more like Savior) in my journey towards affirmation was God. I also explored different interpretations of Scripture, affirming Christian panels like QCF and many others like it, and solid annotations of the Bible online. I surrounded myself with people who love me for me, not the ex-gay doctrine I used to shove in people's faces. My girlfriend has been an amazing influence and supporter, too.

My life now, I would say, feels much more free. I am liberated, and I am free to live and exist. And that is such an amazing feeling. Before coming out, I felt suffocated, like something was missing. Something was wrong. Now, I'm able to breathe and KNOW that I am saved. My dad and most of his family do not support me, but that's alright–I don't really need their support when I can go find it somewhere else, like, you know, my Creator.

Because I'm transitioning to college these next few months, I get scared, like something bad might happen, but I have faith that I'll be kept safe. I cannot wait to broaden my horizons and show people that it's okay to be LGBTQ+. I am so excited to spread God's message. I am so loved. I am so joyful. I am, because HE is.