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UNCHANGED, a ministry of Q Christian Fellowship, is a movement of LGBTQ+ Christians committed to proclaiming God’s love and affirmation of our experiences, our identities, and our expressions of selves. We recognize that the church has not and does not always make it easy for those who identify as lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, same-gender loving, queer, intersex, asexual, gender fluid or questioning to reconcile these aspects of themselves with their Christian identity. We are witnesses to both the harm that faith communities can inflict, and the hope and healing that is possible through Christ.

We believe that any form of ex-gay theology–whether implicit or explicit–contributes to the statistically corroborated rates of suicidal ideation, depression, and trauma experienced by LGBTQ+ persons in religious settings. Every Christian who wants to come out should be able to do so safely, well- supported, and with the firm belief that they are beloved children of God, just the way they are. In joyful celebration of Christ’s love for us, we are called to make the coming out process a better experience than the ones we struggled through and provide opportunities for LGBTQ+ Christians and their allies to fully thrive. We are here to equip LGBTQ+ Christians with the resources they need to make God’s radical love known in the world.

At the heart of everything Q Christian does is our mission focus: growth, community, and relational justice. UNCHANGED stands as a testament to our individual and collective growth as LGBTQ+ Christians striving towards justice in community. We look forward to our upcoming resources, ally and parent eBook, UNCHANGED events, and more as we realize radical belonging for LGBTQ+ people in the Church.

We believe the Church can and should do better, but we expect God to do incredible things.


Social Media Materials

Want to participate in the movement? We’ve made it easy! Download some social media graphics and Instagram stories here!

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