Isabella Garrison

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I first became aware of my bisexuality freshman year of high school, thanks to my crush on a girl in my geometry class. Truly, I should have seen this coming–I loved both Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd in “Clueless” too much–but I was shocked.

I believed we were inherently greater sinners than straight people; that to live as a queer person was to live in God’s hate; and that to deny one’s sexuality was a great act of love.

My beliefs have changed radically over time. I am still struggling along the path of faith, as growing from evangelical culture is just. so difficult. But! I also enjoy a beautiful relationship with Christ, as well as loving both men and women. The two are no longer mutually exclusive to me, and I have peace.

Twitter was the first place I found vocal allies–Rachel Held Evans being the brightest star among them–and vocal queer Christians who loved God and themselves. A true haven.

Now, I’m happily crying in services at my local Episcopal church and working to make southern queer voices heard.